Maxbal Genealogy is a leading designer and supplier of affordable high quality Family Tree Charts for displaying your family history. We have the widest range of blank, personalised and custom designed Family Tree charts available and we service a worldwide market.  We also provide a Family Tree Printing Service.  All you need to do is send us your chart and we do the rest.  Read more
A3 size 6 Generation Blank Charts

These charts record 6 generations in direct line ancestral pedigree format along with 5 siblings of the starting individual and are available in blue or brown.

The charts are A3 (420 x 297 mm) and can be stored in A3 binders and poly-pockets.
They are perfect as fold-out charts for A4 binders and A4 poly-pockets and are available pre-folded.

The larger margin on the left of the chart makes it ideal for inclusion in our springback binders - see the middle picture  on the left

£7.00 For A Pack Of 4 Charts!

Take Me With You Charts

8, 9 and 15 Generation Ancestral Pedigree
Folded to A4

This series of family tree charts is colour coded by
generation and record 8 , 9 or 15 generations of
direct line ancestors in ancestral pedigree format.
It replaces our previous black and white 15
generation chart whilst adding two new charts -
8 and 9 genertaions.

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Cherish Moments Anniversary
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Custom Charts
Spring Back Binders
Coat of Arms
What better way of having a lasting memento of a Christening, Wedding or Anniversary. 

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The Perfect Gift
Cherished Moments
Coat of Arms
We have created a wide range of graphics to enhance your family tree chart and to use in your own documents and projects.

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Looking for a Family Tree Chart
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At Maxbal we continue to develop new designs to give
you a wide rage of options to display your family history. 
We are proud to release three new chart designs for you
to enjoy.
Blank Circle Charts
Display 7 generations in this beautiful unique
circle format.

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Creative Colour Sticker Chart
A stunning series of full colour charts on high quality paper that allows you to create the perfect family tree chart just the way you want it. You can include siblings, 2nd marriages your children, grandchildren and full colour photographs.

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